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Below are the five different categories of products we sell. To read a product's description, hover over its respective image. Once you choose


your product of interest, you will be required to take a brief survey. The survey allows us to pack products that are personalized to your


preferences. After completing your survey, you will be able to proceed to checkout. You will be able to continue shopping if you decide to


buy more packages.


The personal care package has all of

your daily needs to get ready in the

morning. You will feel fresher and

cleaner than ever.


The technology package allows

subscribers to unpack the world of

technology. Our package offers cutting

edge technology to help improve

your daily life.


The sports package lets you unpack

the world of national league sports.

Whether it’s the NHL, NBA, or NFL, you

can experience your favorite team

every month.










The clothing package offers the latest

fashion apparel suitable for each

season. Unpack your very own

clothing statement with this package



The outdoors package is meant for

the adventurer out there, who is ready

to immerse in nature. Unpack an

opportunity to go out and explore the